Hepatitis B Screen

Hepatitis B is a blood born pathogen that can causes chronic liver disease if left untreated. It is contracted from blood and or bodily fluids.  The test looks for the presence of Hepatitis B antigen. If the screening test comes back positive, additional testing will help clarify whether acute or chronic infection


  • $40.00


  • No Fasting required


  • HSA/FSA: accepted
  • Sample type: blood
  • Age: 18+ years of age to purchase.
  • Results in 2-3 days following collection. 

Hep B surface Antigen (HBsAg)-Is a protein found on the surface of Hepatitis B virus and the detection of it’s presence in the blood indicates a person is infected. 

If this initial screening test is positive, additional testing will be done to confirm at an additional charge. 

1. Those having signs of acute or chronic liver problems such as abnormal liver function tests and or symptoms of liver failure such as Jaundice, fatigue, itching, confusion,  swelling in abdomen and legs. 

2. High risk patients without symptoms such as individuals from countries with high prevalence of  Hepatitis B, As part of prenatal care in pregnant women, prior to starting on immune lowering drugs, healthcare workers,  blood donors, and infants born to HBV infected mothers.

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