Gluten Allergy Test

This test is used to determine if you have allergic reaction to gluten, a protein found in rye, barley, and wheat. In Celiac disease, the body treats gluten as a foreign pathogen creating antibodies against it, leading to inflammation in the small bowels. Allergy testing can help identify or rule out an allergy if someone is having symptoms.


  • $199.00


  • None required. Continue to eat foods containing gluten when being tested.


  • HSA/FSA: accepted
  • Sample type: blood
  • Age: 18+ years of age to purchase.
  • Results in 2-3 days following collection. 

1. Transglutaminase IgA
2. Total IgA

If tissue transglutaminase antibody (IgA) is detected, additional testing will be done involving

Endomysial Antibody Screen (IgA) at an additional cost.

1. If you are experiencing abdominal pain, bloating, gas, constipation, chronic diarrhea, unexpected weight loss; These maybe signs of intolerance to gluten and or celiac disease.
2. other symptoms include chronic itchy rash, fatigue, recurrent headaches, recurrent fetal loss, reduced fertility, unexplained anemia among other signs & symptoms.

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